Antonisz. Interpretations

Visual identity for an art exhibition.



Project info +

In collaboration with Michał Dąbrowski (AD).

 commissioned us to design identity and prints for an exhibition, which focused on the works of Julian Antonisz and on the influence he exerted on contemporary artists.

The aspect we devoted most attention to was to find means appropriate to present the works of this artist, who created a universum of his own. What we wished to avoid was depriving his works of their multidimensionality or interfere with their reception by too aggressive lettering. Our decision was to create a background and not a frame, accentuating the manual, technical character of Antonisz’s works.

We rotated all works by 45 degrees. This was the only ‘interpretation’ that we decided to perform. It made the designs more dynamic and changed their reception by allowing them to be read in a non-linear manner. We decided to place detail in the foreground. No editing, no improving. We enlarged the works and made the audience confront them.

The photographs of the gallery building by courtesy of the photographer Jacek Kołodziejski.