Online shop and product catalogue for the bag creators.

Client: BLAHOL


Project info +

In collaboration with Łukasz Grochowski (programmer), Michał Dąbrowski (AD) and Ewelina Pulka (graphic design).

BLAHOL is a brand that developed rapidly over the last couple of years. Good product, international sales and clients’ approval made the success achieved in over a decade.

It didn’t look so promising on the Internet though. No website with products, disparate store and catalog, little control over the stock – these were just some of the problems they reported to us in the beginning of 2018.

Our cooperation evolved over time. When we started the job, we were to design a website containing the brand’s philosophy and its catalogue only. However, we decided not to spare ourselves and to take a few steps further. The result of our work is an extensive website that includes the catalog, a multi-currency store, a configurator of personalized products, and a couple more of handy features.

And of course… you can still read about the brand’s philosophy and find your own unique bag on the map.