Music video for polish alternative band.

Clients: BOKKA / [PIAS]


Project info +

In collaboration with Michał Dąbrowski (AD) and Ola Łajdak (motion).

The band BOKKA asked us to create a music video for the song In Love with the Dead Man – the first single from their album Life on Planet B.

The sound of the song strongly refers to the eighties. Hence the idea that the visualization for it would be an 8-bit animation, referring to games from this period. However, we decided not to treat the technique as an objective – we didn’t want to create a hermetic clip for fans of old games. We preferred to use it as a tool to tell a universal story.

We have assumed that even the heroes of such simple worlds as old platform games can have feelings. That is why we decided – contrary to a typical computer game – to visualize feelings, not actions. We avoided the obvious, tearful scenes of dying and despair. We have focused on the attempt to visualize the moment of transition, which is death, and life after it.

In the visual layer, we took care of a large number of changing plans so that something that you have not seen before can be found every time you watch the clip. And also that the picture would be a whole with the rhythm, dynamics and chromatics of the song.