BOKKA – Paper Fuse

Music video for polish alternative band.

Clients: BOKKA / [PIAS]


Project info +

In collaboration with Michał Dąbrowski (AD), Bartek Warzecha (pictures of paper figures), Robert Danieluk (drone operator) and Tadeusz S’Osadowski (set design).

BOKKA asked us to create a music video for Paper Fuse – the second single from their album Life on Planet B.

As the song features quite strong lyrics, we didn’t want the video to be too literal. Therefore we based it on total and very graphic cinematography showing structures and details of architecture, urban and natural landscapes. We wanted the camera to cheat – we have presented a layer that is surficial, fragmentary, and in a way, ‘papery’.

Our intention was to create a picture that, combined with the song, gives you chills on your back. On top of this we also used the impermanent aspect of the eponymous paper, which burnt on set in the end.

Unfortunately, the music video coincided with the events that happened one day after handing its final version to the band. As a result of an unlucky accident on the way to the first gig of the tour, the band bus set on fire. Whole gear, i.e. instruments, costumes, and merchandise, was lost. However, thanks to the devoted fans who set up an Internet fundraiser, the band could happily buy new equipment and get back on stage.