Don't Panic! We're Live

Creative direction for series of livesessions at AMI.

Client: Adam Mickiewicz Institute


Project info +

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute is the largest Polish cultural institution, promoting Polish artists abroad. Within AMI, 'Don't Panic! We're From Poland' programme takes care about the popular music and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018. The jubilee was honored with a special project to where we've been invited.

The plan was to create a series of small concerts for musicians who have collaborated with Don't Panic! We're From Poland since the beginning of the programme. The Institute's employees are passionate by heart, that's why they decided that the concerts will take place in their own offices, in the AMI.

This way, a series of live sessions 'Do not Panic! We're Live' was created. Among the invited bands were: BOKKA, Trupa Trupa, KAMP!Masecki / Rogiewicz, Dagadana, and Paula and Karol. We were responsible for co-production and creative supervision over the whole event. As part of our comprehensive activities, we have also prepared a set of "behind the scenes" movies, photo sessions, a series of video teasers and the event identity in social media.

The film crew:

Produced and directed by: Turbodizel.
DOP: Filip Skrońc
Camera operators: Krzysiek Bagiński, Mirek Kaźmierczak, Monika Krauz, Wincenty Paprotka
Set design: Tadeusz S'Osadowski
Lighting: Kuba Krysiak
Make-up: Paula Hubiszta, Olga Jareniowska-Fabijańczyk
Sound: Michał Kupicz
Sound assistants: Tomek Klimkiewicz, Ania Kwiatkowska
Additional sound: Marta Kosiorowska
Photographers: Michał MatraszekKrzysztof "Henryk" Sienkiewicz
Bands technician: Jacek "Lodi" Piątkowski
Production assistants: Joanna Saran, Antoni Rokita
Thx: Only Only

The DPWFPAMI crew:

Barbara Feliga
Michał Hajduk
Krzysztof Halicz
Karolina Małaczek
Anna Żukowska