Shapeshifting: Eisenstein as Method

Identity and prints for an exhibition at MS1.

Client: Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź


Project info +

In collaboration with Michał Dąbrowski (AD) and Ewelina Pulka (graphic design).

The Museum of Art in Łódź invited us to create a visual identity for an exhibition devoted to Sergei Eisenstein – a Russian film director, screenwriter, editor, and producer.

The goal was to create a design that underlines the complexity of Eisenstein’s work methods. We tried to avoid the obvious visual connections with USSR – the artist’s country of origin and the time period in which he was active. Instead, our preference was to focus on the title Method rather than realities of the times, without neglecting them though.

This is why the titles’ format was based on a special code that replaces certain letters with numbers. We did also use Eisenstein’s works, creating multi-element and dynamic collages connected with high-contrast, modern photography of the cosmic space. One can perceive these as colorful stains, but thanks to the concentric arrangement and high-detail nature of Eisenstein’s drawings it may also remind you of baroque frescos.

For the needs of the exhibition, we had also prepared a set of prints, social media communication, elements for the exhibitory space, and a catalogue.