Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets – With Love

Music video for indie band from Warsaw.

Client: Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets


Project info +

ESTIHP is a normal, modern, indie rock band. But one thing differs them from the other bands of our times: they are friends and have a lot of fun together. The whole thing was realized in extremely short period of time, but with a minimum creative impact from our side. The video you see, is 99% band. We just added 1% of magic.

Written and produced by Turbodizel and ESTIHP.
DIR: Jonas Nintendo
DOP: Mateusz Wasążnik
EDIT: Z Olejnichuck
SET: Sznajder

THX: Ala Boratyn, M'Osadowski, K. 'Henryk' Sienkiewicz, Misza Tomaszewski, Rosie The Transporter, Little Beast.