I LOVE YOU DAD by Karol Grygoruk

Portable exhibition for the photographer.

Client: Karol Grygoruk


Project info +

In collaboration with Michał Dąbrowski (AD).

In his photography project entitled ’I LOVE YOU DAD’ Karol Grygoruk documented the life, symbols and rituals of the 21st century Thai society that go unseen by the many tourists visiting the country. In 2017 the whole project came together and was released in the form of an album.

This time, however, the author wanted the publication to be a little more unusual. His intention was to create a promo material that would have less volume than a book, and also be a part of a mobile exhibition at the same time.

On that account we fit the photos in a large newspaper format (339 x 490 mm), selected a beautiful paper with significantly dimmed whiteness (Munken Pure 90 gsm), typeface strong enough for titles (Neue Haas Grotesk by Christian Schwartz), and so we began the typesetting.

The difficulty lied in the concept of a mobile exhibition – equally important as the spreads (visible when looking at the publication as it is) were the signatures (visible when individual sheets are hung on the walls). Thanks to the lack of sewing, the spreads with photos can be loosely rearranged, thus mixing the contexts in which the project may be read.