Karol Grygoruk

Digital exhibition space for Polish photographer.

Client: Karol Grygoruk


Project info +

In collaboration with Michał Dąbrowski (AD) and Łukasz Grochowski (programmer).

Karol Grygoruk’s photography projects touch various topics. In each of them, the image connects to the commentary on a different level. In the site prepared for him – the virtual exhibition space – we wanted to highlight this feature.

We have decided to treat every Karol’s photo project as a separate whole. Each has a dedicated typeface, layout or background color. In each of them, the relationship of photos and descriptions may vary.

Thanks to this, each project can be treated as a separate photographic publication – telling stories of different emotions and presenting a different slice of reality. For some, Helvetica typeface is suitable. Others can be more accurately described by the classicising Sabon typeface or gothic fraktur.