NOVIKA – Unsafe

Postproduction and animation for a music video.

Clients: NOVIKA / Warner Music Polska


Project info +

In collaboration with Ola Łajdak (motion design).

Novika asked us to do the postproduction of the music video for the first single off her newest record entitled “Bez cukru”. The idea and camerawork, i.e. usage of green screen, references to the esthetics of the turn of the 1980s/90s, came from the artist, whereas we decided to develop it a little further in the process of postproduction.

Our goal was to create a picture that would allude to the esthetics of a basic green screen, which was a little messy and imperfect. We decided, however, not to copy the methods from the past and give it a little twist. Therefore a dynamic and multicolored world came to light. There’s good and evil in it, but it’s up to the viewers, which side should they choose.

In order to underline the message carried by the song we decided to present the lyrics during the whole video. And as today’s world is obsessively bound with social media, we have also referred to the esthetics of short video stories.

Video idea: Novika
Cinematography: Yori Fabian
Producer: Zosia Holnicka-Szulc
Make up: Catnel Make Up @By_Catnel
Studio: ATM
Lighting equipment: Heliograf
Special thanks: Tomasz Zagórski.